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Verse By Verse With Pastor Paul Mowery

Author: Zephaniah (1:1).

Date: Approximately 640-620 BC, during the reign of King Josiah (1:1).

In Ten Words or Less: A coming “day of the Lord” promises heavy judgment.

Details: Zephaniah begins with a jarring prophecy: “I will utterly consume all things from off the land,” God declares in the book’s second verse. People, animals, birds, and fish will all perish, victims of God’s wrath over Judah’s idolatry. Other nearby nations will be punished, as well, in “the fire of my jealousy” (3:8), but there is hope: In His mercy, God will one day restore a remnant of Israel that “shall not do iniquity, nor speak lies” (3:13).

From Know Your Bible, published by Barbour Publishing, Inc. Used by permission.

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