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You, Being Built Up

We’re Growing

If you’ve been around Harvest lately, you know our family is growing. A lot. We’ve outgrown our cozy little home! Our goal has always been to provide Biblically based teachings and resources that equip the church and encourage the believer. We desire that Harvest would be well-equipped, cared for, and encouraged in their lives to live out their calling. As we grow, you can really help us with this.

The vision

You also, as living stones, are being built up into a spiritual house
– 1 Peter 2:5

We understand that our church is not a building….YOU are the church. Our vision for a bigger space is to support the body of Christ and His vision for ministry, through you, in a more functional space. We believe the Lord has something for every member of the congregation in that place.

Latest Developments

An update on our journey in seeking the Lord for more space to carry out our mission at Harvest.

  • As we explore options, one of the things we consider is the opportunities that a particular option provides for us to expand ministry opportunities for existing ministries and opportunities for ministry that we cannot provide now due to space constraints.
  • One of the options that was presented at the last update was the Headwaters Church facility on Wallen Road.
  • We initiated a dialogue with Headwaters and that dialogue has come to a place where we are intrigued by the possibilities that exist at that facility. At this point, we plan to submit a Letter of Intent to further explore the possible purchase of the Wallen facility. The Letter of Intent will allow us to conduct due diligence inspections and obtain financial data that will enable us to determine whether a final contract and purchase will occur.
  • This does not mean a decision has been made to purchase Wallen, but we are taking exploratory steps in that direction.
  • If the Lord leads us in that direction or another, the one thing that we know we will need is a down payment. The list price of the Wallen building is 4.5 million. We do not anticipate paying that amount, but if we did, the down payment would be approximately $1,000,000. We have approx $350,000 in hand already. We anticipate that the final down payment will be much less than $1,000,000, but we are using that number as our down payment goal. The more we have in hand when we move forward with the purchase of Wallen or any other option, it is less that we will need to borrow.
  • In the back of the sanctuary by the stairs there is a donation box. If we were to average out the down payment across the number of individuals and families who support Harvest financially, it would mean each giver would contribute about $2,300.
  • We recognize that some of you might not be able to match that amount, while there are others who the Lord might impress upon you to give more than that amount.

We invite you to pray about what the Lord would have you do in regards to this opportunity.

Our Short Term Goal


Our Status – As of 06.12.2020


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